Weight Maintenance

80% of all dieters regain the weight they lose within two years and 95% regain all their weight within five years. So it is understandable that weight maintenance is widely acknowledged as being the hardest part of weight control. And the reason is that weight maintenance is passive in nature – the dieter strives to stay the same. Lose-Win Situation has devised an innovative approach to weight maintenance that is active in nature. Even though you strive to keep your weight the same you will still generate much-needed funds for your favorite charity!

Sponsorships for weight maintenance are not based on pounds you lose but on months you maintain your weight. Each of your sponsors will pledge to donate a certain amount to your charity for each month you weigh in at or below your specified maintenance weight. In addition, each sponsor also pledges an additional amount that will be donated when you maintain your weight for three months in a row! They even have the option of specifying another additional amount that will be donated if you maintain your weight for an entire year!

There is also an option through which you can buddy up with another weight-maintenance phase dieter. Then you sponsor your buddy's weight-maintenance and he or she sponsors yours!

You can transition into the weight-maintenance phase after hitting your goal weight while in the weight-loss phase.  Or you can register for the weight-maintenance phase directly if you are already at a weight you want to maintain at the time you register with Lose-Win Situation.

The nice thing about the Lose-Win Situation weight-maintenance approach is that if you want to ease up on your diet during the first week of the month, or skip your exercises during the second week, that’s fine! As long as you hit your goal weight when you go for your regularly-scheduled monthly weigh-in you will continue to generate funds for your charity. What a great motivation to maintain the weight you worked so hard to achieve!