Privacy Policy

Lose-Win Situation works hard to protect your privacy. The e-mail address, mailing address and telephone number of charities, dieters and sponsors will remain completely confidential and will never be revealed or released to any third party or to any Lose-Win Situation charities, dieters or sponsors. The only exception is that dieters can email their sponsors if they want to.

Dieter information

A dieter will be listed under the dieter lists that appear under DIETERS/Our Dieters and CHARITIES/Our Charities/View Dieters. A dieter has the option to be identified on the lists by an alias instead of his or her actual name. However emails to sponsors will always contain the dieter's actual name. A click on the dieter’s name or alias on the list of dieters will display the public view of the dieter’s profile which displays pounds lost information. The dieter has the option of hiding this information. A dieter's actual weight and the number of pounds needed to be lost to reach goal weight are never revealed on the website or in emails or in any other form, not even to sponsors or buddies. Even if pounds-lost information is hidden from public view sponsors will be notified of the number of pounds lost by the dieter since they are the basis for the amount of their bills or the amount automatically charged to their credit cards.

A dieter may elect to hide his or her photos from the public view of the dieter’s profile. Only sponsors will be able to send support messages to a dieter since the only way one can be sent is to click the "Send Support Message" option contained in the Automatic Emails sent to sponsors.

Sponsor information

A sponsor has the option to be identified on the website by an alias instead of his or her actual name. However emails to dieters will always contain the sponsor's actual name.

When sponsoring a dieter using a credit card, the sponsor’s name, billing address and the details of the sponsor’s credit card will be stored on a secure server using encryption technology. This information is confidential and will not be released to anyone except in the event of a dispute or other billing matter where billing information may be shared with the sponsor’s bank or credit card company. The sponsor’s billing address will only be used for the purpose of resolving billing issues.

No charity information will be revealed on the website other than the charity’s description and logo provided by the charity. The charity website will be accessible via a link displayed on the website under CHARITIES/Our Charities.