Motivation - The Key To Success

Why Motivation is Everything

Several years ago a study compared four leading diet plans to determine which diet was most effective in helping people lose weight. So what was the major finding of the study? Was one of the diets declared the winner? No! Why? Because virtually nobody was able to stay motivated to stick to their diet plan for the required period of time! Not only does lack of motivation explain why people fail to lose weight, it also explains why 80% of all dieters regain all of their lost weight within two years and 95% regain all of their lost weight within five years!

The Great Obstacle to Motivation - the Upside/Downside Dilemma

Each of the diets in the study was designed by extremely knowledgable doctors and nutritionists. The simple truth is that any of those four diets, or any other reputable diet plan, will work - if the dieter stays motivated to stick with the plan! Why couldn't they stick to their diets? They simply lost the motivation - they fell victim to the Upside/Downside Dilemma. When it comes to dieting whatever you do will contain both an upside and a downside. That's where Lose-Win Situation comes in. Lose-Win Situation is not a diet plan but a revolutionary weight-loss motivation system. Lose-Win Situation introduces a truly unique way to solve the Upside/Downside Dilemma. for a visual explanation of the Lose-Win Situation solution.

to view Dr. Jennifer Jones, PhD, explain the psychology underlying the Upside/Downside Dilemma and the Lose-Win Situation solution of the dilemma.

Compassion - the Key to your Motivation

Lose-Win Situation will motivate you to stick to any diet you choose to follow. The leading diet plans provide the means to lose weight; Lose-Win Situation provides the motivation. How do we do that? Through compassion - your compassion. Do you have compassion in your heart for needy people in the world? Do you empathize with children and adults suffering from illness, hunger, poverty and abuse? Many of these needy people are supported by wonderful charities that are dedicated to ease their suffering. Lose-Win Situation enables you to connect your weight loss to them and help uplift their lives. How? By having your weight loss (or weight maintenance) generate funds for your favorite charity through dollars-per-pound donations of friends, relatives, etc. This motivational model is not based on hype or exaggeration but on a concrete fact: if you lose weight the donations of your sponsors will be paid to your chosen charity. But if you fail to lose weight those donations will be cut off and the children and adults supported by your charity will continue to suffer. And with such a strong concrete fact motivating you your psyche will change immediately – you will become rock-solid in your determination to stick to your diet and exercise program.

Your Compassion Will Make You a Hero!

Through your compassion you will ease the suffering of the men, women and children who really do have it hard in life. Just look down the list of charities on our website and select the one that touches your heart most deeply. You will then register to support that charity through your weight loss (or weight maintenance). You will become a changed person, a bigger person, a more magnanimous person. You will be like a rock – you will lose weight and the pounds lost will translate into donations to your charity. And that means you will uplift the lives of children and adults suffering from disease, hunger and poverty. You will become their hero!

Your Motivation All Comes Down to This

Just ask yourself this simple question: What's more important – that my favorite charity receives donations to help the needy people it supports or that I fill up on unhealthy foods that will make me gain weight and harm my health? We hope the answer is obvious.

Lose-Win Situation: When You Lose, Your Charity Wins!