A Message To Dieters

Do you struggle to stick to your diet and exercise program? Do you find it hard to start a diet, complete a diet or keep off the weight you've lost? Then Lose-Win Situation might be just the solution you've been searching for.

Motivating dieters is the reason we exist! And we work with whatever diet and exercise programs you choose to follow. How do we motivate dieters? By having each pound you lose result in money being donated to a worthy charity of your choice. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Dieters thus form one of the points of the Triangle of Goodwill. The Lose-Win Situation approach to solving the Upside-Downside Dilemma will provide you with determination, incentive and willpower you never thought possible!

Look through our list of charities and pick the one that is most important to you, the one that touches your heart most deeply. And don't worry if your favorite charity is not listed - you will be able to select “Your Favorite Charity.”

You will stay motivated to stick to your diet and exercise program by a concrete fact: funds will be donated to your favorite charity only if you lose weight or maintain your weight.

We look forward to your joining the Lose-Win Situation family of dieters.

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