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Is Lose-Win Situation a diet plan?

No. Lose-Win Situation is a weight-loss motivation program.

How will Lose-Win Situation motivate me to lose weight?

By having your weight loss generate funds for your favorite charity. Your sense of compassion for children and adults suffering from disease, poverty and hunger will keep you strong.

Which existing weight-loss programs motivate dieters in the same way as Lose-Win Situation?

None. Lose-Win Situation is the first and only program that exists for the sole purpose of motivating dieters to stick to their diet and exercise programs.

Which diet programs does Lose-Win Situation recommend?

No programs in particular. We believe all reputable diet programs that effectively reduce calories will enable a dieter to lose weight – as long as the dieter sticks with the program.

Which exercise programs does Lose-Win Situation recommend?

No programs in particular. We believe all reputable exercise programs that effectively burn calories will enable people to lose weight – as long as they stick with the program.

With which diet and exercise programs does Lose-Win Situation work best?

Lose-Win Situation will is designed to motivate you to stick to any diet and exercise program you choose to follow. The reputable programs all provide the means to lose weight. Lose-Win Situation provides the motivation.

What are Lose-Win Situation’s views on nutrition?

We profess no expertise in the area of nutrition. The reputable diet programs are the experts and we defer to their expertise.

What is lacking from the reputable diet programs?

They are experts in providing the means to lose weight. But the forms of motivation they provide are vague, inconsistent and often ineffective. They offer pointers that you already know and encourage you to do unrealistic things, like recite slogans or ask yourself a series of analytical questions, when cravings hit. It is very unlikely that these empty tactics will keep you motivated to stick to your diet when it’s late at night and you’re staring at the fridge knowing that there’s a cheesecake inside.

How is Lose-Win Situation’s approach to motivation different?

Lose-Win Situation’s motivational approach is clear and based on a concrete fact – if you stick to your diet you will almost certainly lose weight and thereby generate funds for your favorite charity. If you break your diet you will almost certainly gain weight and thereby cut off funds from your charity.

Why is it so difficult for me to stay motivated to stick to my diet and exercise program?

Because of the Upside-Downside Dilemma.

What is the Upside-Downside Dilemma and how does Lose-Win Situation's approach to weight-loss motivation help solve it?

When it comes to dieting whatever you do will contain both an upside and a downside. For example, if you stick to your diet the upside is that you will almost certainly lose weight and improve your health and appearance; but the downside is that you will be deprived of your favorite foods and the satisfying feeling of being full. for a visual explanation of the problem and the solution.

How can I tell if I am overweight?

Some people who think they are overweight are actually normal or unhealthily underweight. To calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and determine if you are normal, overweight or underweight .

How do I select a charity?

Click CHARITIES/Our Charities to browse the list and read the descriptions. For more information on a charity click “View Website”. When you find your favorite simply click “Diet to Support this Charity” to register. Or you can

What if my favorite charity is not on the list of charities?

Just scroll down to the bottom of the list, to “Your Favorite Charity”, and click “Diet to Support this Charity“. On the next screen you indicate the name of the charity and its website address. We will then determine if your choice is an acceptable charity and then notify you on how to proceed.

What kind of charities are acceptable?

Those that are a recognized 501 c(3) charity that serves people in need, the environment or wildlife.

Why was a Psychologist’s Message included on the website?

Because Lose-Win Situation totally changes the psychology of dieting. Dr. Jennifer Jones, whose videos appear in the website’s Psychologist’s Message and a licensed PhD based in Hermosa Beach, California has described Lose-Win Situation as “The only weight-loss program I have ever seen that is not superficially motivated.” to watch Dr. Jennifer explain “The Psychology of Weight-Loss Motivation.”

How does my weight-loss result in funds raised for my charity?

You enlist people you know to sponsor your weight loss. They pledge to donate to your charity a certain number of dollars for each pound you lose.

Who can I approach to become sponsors?

You can start with your spouse, parents or children, siblings and some close friends. Then you can add other friends and relatives, neighbors and co-workers, anyone who would be pleased to support your weight-loss and your charity. Reach out to your Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers, as well.

How will Lose-Win Situation help me enlist sponsors?

Lose-Win Situation will send you an email describing your charity and requesting sponsorship. You forward the email to your potential sponsors. All recipients have to do is click the link contained in the email and they will be taken to the Sponsor Registration page of this website. They can then proceed to register to become your sponsors. We will also email to you a message that you can post to your Facebook page and Tweet.

How often do I have to get weighed?

You enter your official weight once a month. However, you should continue whatever routine you have established for weighing yourself. For instance you can continue weighing yourself once a week if that is your routine, or it may be several times a week. You will receive an email from each month which will tell you when to officially weigh-in and enter your weight through this website.

Can I weigh myself on my home scale?

Yes! Remember - you are on the Honor System! Just weigh yourself each month and then log in to your account and click "Enter My Weight."

How much will it cost me to participate in Lose-Win Situation?

Dieters will never pay anything at any time to Lose-Win Situation. No signup fee. No maintenance fee. Nothing!

Can my sponsors specify a maximum dollar donation when they register?


When a dieter approaches goal weight the number of pounds lost naturally tends to slow down. How can I stay motivated to reach goal if the donations to my charity decrease because of my slower weight loss?

When your sponsor registers, in addition to pledging a certain number of dollars for each pound you lose, they specify a Goal Weight Bonus Pledge. That amount, which can be significant, is donated to your charity only when you reach your goal weight.

Does the maximum donation amount that a sponsor specifies limit the Goal Weight Donation Pledge?

No. Your sponsor's maximum donation amount, if specified, only limits the amount owed that results from their dollar-per-pound pledges. Even if they have hit their maximum they will still donate their Goal Weight Bonus Pledge to your charity when you hit your goal weight.

Are their donations tax-deductible?

Yes! Lose-Win Situation only works with 501 (c) (3) charities. Sponsor checks are made out to the charity. If the charity has arranged for credit card processing the donations are deposited directly into the charity's merchant account. As always, a sponsor should check with their accountant or financial advisor to confirm the tax-deductible status of their donations.

How will Lose-Win Situation help me during the course of my diet?

Lose-Win Situation will enable you to oversee your own personal fundraising project for your charity. Your personalized dieter profile will contain a list of your sponsors, their pledges, the amount they owe and the total amount paid by all your sponsors. In addition your profile will contain your weigh-in history (only you will see your actual weight). Lose-Win Situation believes in constant communication as a way to keep you motivated:

I'm not comfortable revealing my weight. What can I do to protect my privacy?

Your actual weight is NEVER displayed or revealed to anyone, not even your sponsors. Only the number of pounds you’ve lost is revealed. If you want to hide this information you can. In addition, you can identify yourself by using an alias instead of your name.

After I register for the weight-loss phase can I change my goal weight?

Yes. You can raise your goal weight (if you think the goal weight you originally set for yourself is unrealistic) or you can lower it (if you realistically think you can go lower than you originally thought). The only restriction is that if you raise your goal weight the new goal weight cannot be within 5 pounds of your most recent weight.

I really have to lose a lot of weight. What do you recommend?

Since your sponsors may specify a maximum dollar donation you might want to consider recruiting some sponsors for the beginning of your diet, some others for the middle and some others for the end. This is better than to have all your sponsors sponsor you at the beginning and then, due to their maximums, not be able to sponsor you beyond that.

What are my options when I get down to goal weight by completing the weight-loss phase?

You can end your participation in Lose-Win Situation or you can transition into the weight-maintenance phase.

How do I transition into the weight-maintenance phase?

After the entry of your weight that is equal to or less than your goal weight you will receive an email that contains an option to enter the weight-maintenance phase by specifying the weight you would like to maintain. Or you can also be given this option if you raise your goal weight so that it is equal to or higher than your current weight.

Can I specify any maintenance weight?

No. The maintenance weight you specify must be within ten pounds of your goal weight. So for example, if your weight-loss phase goal weight was 150 pounds you can specify a maintenance weight of 160 but not 161.

Do my weight-loss phase sponsors become my weight-maintenance phase sponsors?

Your weight loss phase sponsors have the option of also sponsoring you for the weight maintenance phase. In addition you can enlist weight-maintenance phase sponsors who did not sponsor you during the weight-loss phase.

Do my maintenance-phase sponsors still sponsor me by making pledges based on dollars per pound lost?

No. Since you are no longer trying to lose weight, the pledges of your weight-maintenance phase sponsors are based on dollars per each month you maintain your weight.

Can my weight maintenance sponsors specify a maximum?

Yes but they don’t specify a maximum dollar donation. Instead they can specify a maximum number of months they will sponsor your weight maintenance.

If my sponsors specify a maximum number of months how can I stay motivated long into the future?

We recommend that you obtain a weight maintenance buddy. A buddy is another Lose-Win Situation dieter who is attempting to maintain his or her weight. Each of you stays motivated by becoming a sponsor of your buddy’s charity! The two of you decide on a reasonable monthly donation amount. Then, for each month you maintain your weight your buddy donates the monthly amount to your charity. For each month your buddy maintains his or her weight you donate the monthly amount to his or her charity.

How can I obtain a weight-maintenance buddy?

When you are getting close to your goal weight login to your account, click “My Account Info” and check the box that reads ‘ Display “Become my Maintenance Buddy” next to my name on the list of dieters.’ Then when another dieter looks for a weight maintenance buddy they will click on your name and send you an email. Or you can look through the list and send an email to other dieters who display “Become my Maintenance Buddy.”

When on weight-maintenance how long into the future will I generate funds for my charity?

You can generate funds each month you maintain your weight for years and years into the future. There is no limit. It all depends on the arrangement you make with your weight-maintenance buddy.

I'm already at a weight I want to maintain. How can I raise funds for charity?

When you register you should specify “Weight-maintenance phase” and key in the weight you want to maintain.

After I register for the weight-maintenance phase can I change my maintenance weight?

You can lower your maintenance weight but you can’t raise it. Allowing you to raise it will enable you to “successfully maintain” your weight as you continue to gain weight.

Can I diet to support more than one charity?

Yes, but you must enlist separate sponsors, one set of sponsors for each charity.

Should I check with my doctor before I start my diet and exercise program?


How does Lose-Win Situation make money?

By having the participating charities pay us a percentage of the funds raised.

What is the percentage Lose-Win Situation is paid?


Why does Lose-Win Situation charge so much less than other fundraising organizations?

Many fundraising organizations keep 60%-70% of all funds raised. We think that is unconscionable. We are solely dedicated to uplift the lives of needy people supported by worthy charities and to ease their suffering. The unique and efficient fundraising model developed by Lose-Win Situation enables us to charge a very minimal percentage for our services.

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