About This Website

The concrete fact that your weight loss will result in donations being sent to your charity is the motivational foundation of Lose-Win Situation. In addition, this website includes additional features to help you stay motivated and stay on track:

Your Dieter Profile – By going to menu option “DIETERS,” submenu option “Dieter Login” you can access your personalized record showing a list of your sponsors, their pledges, the dollar amount they have been billed and the amount they have paid. Your profile also includes your personal weigh-in history showing the date, your weight and either the number of pounds lost (during your weight-loss phase) or whether you maintained your weight that month (during your weight-maintenance phase).

Please note that the public’s view of your dieter profile never reveals your actual weight. If you would feel more comfortable with an additional level of privacy, you can elect to hide your weigh-in history from the public and to be identified by an alias instead of your actual name.

Automatic Emails - In addition to all the motivating features of this website the one thing that will probably help you the most are the automatic emails you will receive during the course of your diet. First, you will receive an email reminding you to go for your monthly weigh-in. In addition, whenever we receive your faxed-in weigh-in sheet we will calculate the number of pounds you’ve lost and send you an email informing you of the resulting amount of the pledges of your sponsors. But the best of all will be whenever we receive a payment from any of your sponsors you will receive an email informing you of the sponsor and the amount of his or her payment. This is the amount that we will be forwarding to your charity! Now, how motivating is that?

Facebook Integration – You have the option to enable your Facebook friends who sponsor you, or visit your profile page, to post messages of support and congratulations on your Facebook Timeline. Read them to know how they are all pulling for you!

Your Personal Triangle of Goodwill – Sometimes the going get tough even though you know how important it is for your charity for you to stay strong. What better way to stay motivated and stay on track than to view your personal Triangle of Goodwill? It displays the homepage Triangle of Goodwill, but personalized - showing your photo, the logo of your charity and the names and pledges of your sponsors. Gaze at it and let its motivating effect strengthen you. You can view it by clicking the "View your Triangle of Goodwill" option on every Automatic Email you receive or by logging in to your account (Menu option “DIETERS,” submenu option “Dieter Login”, sidebar option “My Triangle of Goodwill”).

On-line Community of Dieters - Go to menu option “DIETERS,” submenu option “Our Dieters:” There you can read the public view of the Dieter Profile of all the Lose-Win Situation dieters. Check out their before and after photos, the pounds they’ve lost and the money they have raised for their charity. Be inspired by their success!

Testimonials – Menu option “DIETERS,” submenu option “Testimonials:” Read how other Lose-Win Situation dieters overcame the “Upside-Downside Dilemma” by tapping into their inner sense of compassion. When you start losing weight you may want to post a testimonial to inspire others!

Link to your Charity’s Website – Menu option “CHARITIES,” submenu option “Our Charities:” Stay up-to-date on your charity’s activities and people and strengthen your commitment to supporting it.

Featured Dieter – Homepage option: Each month we will feature one dieter who has a great success story to share. Read it and be inspired. One day it might be you!